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Firm history

ECM company have developed and brought to regular manufacture several top equipment for construction techniques, above all some systems for measuring of compaction by variety of means. The main intention of this aspiration is to make a guarantee of a peak quality of main construction works with time and cost saving applications of construction equipment and machines. Thanks to this activity, the ECM Company within its 13 year existence have acquire a reputation of expert and manufacturer of products on the world's high level in the range of construction engineering equipment.

The core of production program of ECM Ltd. are the ECM - Vibro and ECM - Plus (this is new from 2005) compactometric systems, which are designed for direct installation on the vibratory soil compaction rollers (compactors) and for continuos instant non-destructive measuring of the state of compaction directly during the work of the roller. This systems can be delivered in number of modifications, thanks to wide range of optional accessories, as per user specifications (additional data memories, accessories for checking-up of roller parameters, build-in printer, pocket data acquisition unit ECM - Handy, SW for data acquisition and for processing of construction works documents). At this time operate more than 320 installations of the ECM - Vibro and 10 installation of ECM - Plus system all over the world. An original patented method of measurement allows us to achieve highest parameters of the device on the world's top level for less money.

Note, that even the very cost-effective basic version of the system allows full valuable operation including storing measured data in the memory, evaluation not only of current compaction level but also average values of line (maximum length ca 10km) and whole plane (max. number of lines 99) as well as indication of the achievement of required level or of the state when compaction has ceased to increase. This version is very easy possible to expand gradually up to fully equipped system.

ECM - Vibro and ECM - Plus systems can be fitted on any type of vibratory soil compactor. Operational tests have been maintained on the rollers of STAVOSTROJ (CZ), BOMAG (D) and DYNAPAC (S) production. The system at this time operates on STAVOSTROJ (more than 200), DYNAPAC (3), CATERPILLAR (12), CASE (8), INGERSOLL-RAND (1), BENFORD(1) and HAMM (9) rollers.

Another of our products for measuring of compaction, is the appliance for the s.c. Light dynamic plate load bearing test ECM - LDD 100 (or Light falling weight deflectometer according to German standards - StBF Teil B8.3). It is to be understood as a mobile appliance designed for finding out the deformation module Evd of the basis and foundation of soil constructions. Considering the small size and weight and the high speed of evaluation of the tests, the appliance is possible to use for constructions of various ranges, from the small intro villain excavation works in the housing quarters to large ground works of the highway, air-field, industry and dam constructions etc. This appliance operates just in more than 210 installations.

As a product, which came out with the year 1997, we produce a mobile appliance for a Static plate load-bearing test ECM - Static (140 installations). This appliance allows measuring using well known Static load test, according available standards. DIN 18 134 standard is currently available.

There is another product a system called ECM - Vibrometer. The system is designed for digital DASP measuring the basic parameters of vibratory compaction machines (frequency of vibrations, oscillation amplitude). Containing the possibilities of saving the measured data into reference memories, graphic evaluation, of the real time and calendar. Light and low-cost alternative to ECM - VibroMeter is small but alike precise and enough powerful measuring instrument ECM - Vibrotester for measuring of frequency only, with 0.1Hz digital precision.

ECM-Vibro, ECM-Plus, Vibrometer and VibroTester are fully localised in English versions. All products have been tested on conformity with Czech (EU harmonised) standards and EC Declaration of Conformity was issued on this products.


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